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3B Detention & Treatment Center
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AISB   Treatment Program
3B opened its Treatment Program in June of 1999 and currently utilizes eight beds. The philosophy of the 3B AISB (Adolesents involved in Illegal Sexual Behavior) Treatment Program is to hold the juvenile offenders accountable and responsible to their community and victims. The program provides competency development by utilizing a community collaboration of resources. It provides an intensive multi-disciplinary approach in treatment and planning. It is a collaborative effort between the 3B Detention Center, County Probation, Courts, School Districts, and the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections. Treatment is designed to address adolescent males involved in Illegal Sexual Behaviors, substance abuse dependency, criminal behaviors, mental health, and academic deficits. Treatment is based on a foundation of cognitive behavioral therapy with a strong family component. We admit adolescent males who meet rule 19 criteria
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referred by the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections. 3B AISB Treatment Program employees are highly qualified staff having a 1:3 staff to resident ratio.
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