Detention - 3B Detention & Treatment Center 2019

3B Detention & Treatment Center
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950 Enviromental Way
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Mailing Address:
605 North Capital Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402


3B provides juvenile detention services to three counties including: Bonneville, Bingham, and Butte Counties in Southeast Idaho. 3B also contracts with outside counties to provide secure housing for juveniles ordered to be in detention.
3B has a clinical staff that provides assessments for substance abuse and mental health diagnosis. Clinicians complete assessments and screenings. 3B uses the Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument-Second Version (MAYSI-2). The clinician provides information to juvenile probation officers, and works with parent and legal guardians to identify services in the community.
3B collaborates with Juvenile Probation Officers, Judges, and community partners to help juvenile offenders develop competencies, protect victims of juvenile crime, and the public at large. The Center complies with the National School Lunch Program.
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