Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - 3B Detention & Treatment Center 2019

3B Detention & Treatment Center
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CBT   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
The program utilizes the Franklin Reality Model and Cognitive Self Change. Cognitive Self Change (CSC) is based on the principle that what people think has a controlling effect on how they act. The residents learn the principles of CSC and apply the skills throughout their program - in their recovery wellness, abstinence, and sobriety. The resident is able to identify beliefs, thinking, feelings, and behaviors associated with criminal patterns and then identify and establish new intervention cycles. Residents complete one thinking report daily to demonstrate comprehension and continuous processing of cognitive-self-change.

The steps to change are;
1. See the behavior.
2. Observe the thinking behind the behavior.
3. Identify distortions and problem thoughts.
4. Identify patterns and cycles of that thinking.
5. Identify underlying attitudes and beliefs that drive the thinking.
6. Appreciate the scope and consequence of this thinking - Did this behavior meet my needs over time.
7. Develop intervention, controls, and alternative ways processing.
8. Organize a plan to make and sustain change.
9. Apply and monitor that plan.
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