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3B Detention & Treatment Center
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Telephone calls occur between 7:00 & 9:00p.m.
Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
Detention Residents (See TREATMENT for Treatment Resident) are allowed two outgoing telephone calls per week. All calls are made collect, collect calls can be made to cell phones (see instructions in the left column on this page). Calls are limited to 10 minutes. 3B staff may end a call if there is suspicion of inappropriate verbal conduct by a juvenile or the other party. There may be occasions where your telephone call will be on speaker phone. In this case, the party on the other end will be notified. Residents that abuse telephone privileges may result in phone use loss or restriction with juvenile probation approval.

Residents have the right to contact their attorney, juvenile probation officer, or contracting agency personnel assigned to their case management, during the scheduled time for telephone calls and their normal working hours. Juveniles are expected to make the appropriate arrangements with the staff. Parents/Guardians are unable to call the residents directly. They may contact facility administration for questions and emergencies. Mail to other institutions must be cleared through the contacting agency and a member of management. Phone calls and mail to individuals other than parents or legal guardians is subject to approval. A record of telephone calls will be kept indicating the person called or calling.
Collect Calls To Cell Phones:
Visit gettingout link below or
call: 866-516-0115 and setup a
prepaid account.

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