AISB Treatment - 3B Detention & Treatment Center 2019

3B Detention & Treatment Center
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AISB  Treatment Program
Effective Treatment of Adolescents who have been involved with Illegal Sexual Behavior is our primary goal. Residents have at least one Individual AISB session & two AISB groups weekly. Treatment utilizes "best practice" programs: PATHWAYS and FOOTPRINTS - Steps to a Healthy Life. The Goals & Objectives of AISB Treatment are:

1 - Modify thinking patterns that serve to support age inappropriate and-or non-consensual sexual interest, arousal, and behavior.

2 - Gain insight into personal trauma and develop skills to effectively cope with past trauma and victimization.

3 - Develop healthy sexual interests and age appropriate consensual partners.

4 - Learn to work through feelings of shame associated with their behaviors.

5 - Learn to identify their own sexuality and high risk situations.

6 - Learn to control and express their own sexual behaviors in a positive way.

7 - Express and work through feelings associated with their own trauma to the point of acceptance or resolution.

8 - Write a detailed relapse prevention plan covering prevention of, intervention in, and escape from high- risk situations.
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