Addiction Therapy - 3B Detention & Treatment Center 2019

3-B Detention & Treatment Center
3-B Detention & Treatment Center
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Addiction & Recovery Therapy
Addictions Treatment is based on the BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL MODEL OF ADDICTION. This model recognizes predisposing factors of addiction including: the chemistry of addiction, genetic predispositions, child abuse and neglect, mental illness, the drug used and circumstances of first use, and the enabling systems. Treatment strategies include: avoidance strategies, pharmacology, structure, relapse prevention, and support networks - including 12 Step groups. The treatment modalities used are: individual, group, and family therapy. The model uses therapy, education (Individual and Family), interaction, role-playing, groups that incorporate assignments, and homework. Residents also have several home passes as a step-down phase.
Each resident has a comprehensive addictions assessment. From this a comprehensive treatment plan is developed. Treatment combines 12-step principles with cognitive restructuring designed to correct cognitive distortions and instill hope. Program objectives include - but are not limited to the following:

  • Acknowledge honestly the pattern of addictive behavior.
  • Verbally acknowledge and accept the dependency and need for help.
  • Verbally acknowledge the pattern of addiction and related problems.
  • Develop a list of personal relapse warning signs and strategies for coping effectively with each trigger.
  • Identify the thoughts and feelings that lead to relapse.
  • Develop a written treatment plan and develop a personalized recovery plan for relapse prevention.
  • Develop a written aftercare plan that supports maintaining life of recovery.
  • Develop a verified and realistic support system.
  • Identify and experience community resources that support recovery plan.
  • Complete a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan - Aftercare plan.
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